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back in action

so i haven't been on livejournal in years...literally. I don't know if i just lost interest or if things really slowed down. Life has changed over and over again. I dont even know where to begin... i really started smoking weed on a more regular basis, i need a lot less pain medicine when i smoke a bowl..... which in my opinion is much better for you than presription pain pills. i don't think anyone will read this but if they do I want you to know that my spelling and grammar is probably shit because of my medicine... i was just diagnosed with brain cancer. nothing is for sure, nothing in life is handed to you. we are all blessed to be here. anyways i feel strange and i wish i had more to tell you about my treatment not much is decided. you're all more than welcome to ask me any questions you want open and honest.

please check out my fundraiser my mom has had to pay a lot of my medical bills and become my nurse i want to help her and myself fight this. xoxo

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