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my mom asked me the weirdest thing yesterday.... its halloween.....i was sitting around sick and bored, watching a movie and she comes in with her high pitched annoying ass voice and says "WHAT ARE YOU WATCHING HUNNY???" im like "a movie" and she sits on my bed and starts to watch it with me..... waht the fuck is she doing?? she never stays in my room more than 2 minutes. she starts watching the movie and out of no where she asks "DO YOU BELIEVE IN THE DEVIL???" im like "no dude" and she says "ok me neither" and she gets up, kisses me on the head and leaves..... WTF IS THAT SHIT?! my mom hasnt kissed me since i was little. last time i tried to give her a hug she pulled away.... she knows i dont believe in god or the devil so why would she do that?? drunk maybe? and ever since i got sick shes been talking to me like im 7 fucking years old. "do you need anything?? what are you doing?? dont you wanna take a little nap??" Its like mother im 17 fucking years old i can tell if im hungry or tired or need advil WITHOUT your help, ok? i dunno shes just acting seriously weird and i want to get out. this is basically the longest ive ever stayed in this house straight. i usually leave at LEAST once a day and now im here 24/7. i want to go out and see everyone and play with boys. And also i want some god damn cheesecake.... and snacks and stuff. Someone wanna come snuggle me??
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